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Understanding Entropy Technology

Entropy is a basic concept of physics, used to measure the degree of disorder and chaos in a closed system. According to thermodynamics The second law states that the environment and matter within a closed series will evolve toward the equilibrium state of thermodynamics, which is the state of maximum entropy of disorder and chaos. Some people even say that if there is only one law in physics, it is probably the law of entropy increase.

The industrial revolution has a history of more than two hundred years from the steam age to the present. The combination of engineering is in the process of combating entropy increase. The stable state that automation faces is essentially a low-entropy state, because the environment needs to be at a specific position, angle, and speed for automation to perform large-scale operations. If faced with the chaotic and chaotic entropy increase process, the automation centered on the executive agency will be stretched, and we can only sigh. In the era of intelligence, whether it is the large-scale shipbuilding industry, heavy machinery processing, or molecular biology at the micro level, flexible, disorderly and chaotic scenes are becoming more and more common. One of the core goals of intelligence is to better face and solve such problems.

Entropy Technology, established in March 18th, has been focusing on high-performance 3D imaging capabilities, giving all kinds of industries The higher perception of devices allows them to face a more disorderly, more chaotic, and more natural balance. In terms of products, we have been committed to building more complete and easy-to-use solution capabilities for customers through the integration of software and hardware. So far, laser structured light 3D cameras for intelligent robot guidance, line-spectrum confocal 3D imaging systems for semiconductors, and super-resolution and confocal imaging systems for life sciences have been introduced. The main foundation to support such products: First, technically, dare to gnaw hard bones, do the underlying technology, build a software and hardware integrated technology platform for micro-nano optical imaging, and at the same time go deep into the industry and scenarios, and always ensure that you have a full-stack solution capability. Better understand and support the needs and responses of customers and partners. The second is in terms of personnel and working methods, recruiting with high standards and establishing a set of customer-centric and struggling-oriented work values; the ultimate technical pursuit, independent self-driven work methodology. On this basis, about 100 people are currently working hard for this, and they have also served a group of high-standard and demanding customers in the fields of intelligent robots, semiconductors, 3C and life sciences, and have been recognized by investors such as ByteDance. .

Schrödinger mentioned in "What is Life": People live against the law of entropy, and life is based on negative entropy. pregnancy. Entropy Technology is still a start-up company, and the original intention of starting a business still maintains the ultimate technical pursuit, dare to tackle technical problems that others dare not to attack, and dare to endure the loneliness that others are unwilling to bear. The biggest challenge of entrepreneurship is uncertainty, but it is precisely because of uncertainty, it is precisely because we face such uncertainty in the entrepreneurial process, when there are low difficulties, and when there are excitement to break through, it makes us Your life can fight against entropy, maintain the joy of life, and enjoy the growth of life.

Corporate Values

customer-centric,struggle Stick to self-criticism,Long-term hard work.


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