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Intelligent palletizing and cutting groove in a coal mine machinery factory

The customer is the industry leader and needs to visually locate the position of the plate on the conveyor belt, cooperate with the robot to cut the bevel, grab the plate and place it in the material frame.

Difficulties in the industry

  • Low crane hoisting efficiency

  • Poor workpiece consistency, high machining accuracy, requiring repeated teaching

  • Simple positioning device for work platform, with a wide range of types

  • The on-site environment is complex, and the processing accuracy and effect cannot be guaranteed

  • The quality of the workpiece is heavy, and the loading and unloading is inefficient


  • The new generation of intelligent cutting and beveling equipment

  • 3D visual disorder crawling system

  • Smart palletizing software

Application advantage

  • Intelligent loading and unloading, greatly improving efficiency

  • Reduce secondary programming time and improve cutting efficiency

  • Intelligent visual compensation algorithm to improve cutting quality

  • Reduce work equipment maintenance personnel

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