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Line spectrum confocal 3D imaging system

The 3D line spectrum confocal sensor is used to measure the thickness, flatness, micro-topography, micro-defects, warpage, etc. of objects. It is suitable for various high-precision measurement scenarios, such as high reflection, mirror surface, transparency, bending, tilt, Diffuse reflection, color, roughness, high contrast, can also measure the thickness and voids of transparent coatings. SZ-Spec series line spectrum confocal 3D imaging system is mainly used to solve the problem of 3D contour precision measurement, and meet the measurement and inspection needs of semiconductor, 3D glass, precision dispensing, precision parts and so on.

Product advantages

High-performance 3D imaging sensor, providing sub-micron-level three-dimensional profile data, empowering micro-nano inspection scenes in the electronics and semiconductor industries .

  • Ultra-high-speed measurement calculation module, frame rate up to 2000Hz

  • Complete point cloud post-processing algorithm built-in in the software

  • Achieve sub-micron repeatability

  • ±25° wide angle adaptability, suitable for a variety of work scenarios

  • Integrated design for complex and high-volume industrial applications, easy to integrate into various inspection systems Among them

  • Complete SDK and technical support, customized after-sales service

Core parameter

Sensor model SZ-Spec-2 SZ-Spec-5 SZ-Spec-10
Line length 2.2mm 5.2mm 10.4mm
Range 2.0mm 1.4mm 1.6mm
Spot size 10.0μm 4.0μm 8.0um
Point interval 11.0μm 10.0μm 20.0um
Horizontal resolution 5.0μm 2.0μm 4.0um
Axial resolution 1.0μm 0.7μm 0.8um
Precision 0.3μm 0.2um 0.3um
Maximum measuring inclination ±20° ±35° ±20°
Full-scale scan speed 250Hz 1000Hz 1000Hz
Maximum scanning speed 500Hz 2000Hz 2000Hz
Working distance 18.0mm 5.0mm 8.0mm
size 480mm×170mm×80mm 590mm×285mm×120mm 620mm×285mm×120mm
weight 4.5kg 19.0kg 19.5kg

Workpiece physical object and point cloud data comparison chart

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