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Digital speckle 3D camera

Using the spatial coding structured light technology and binocular stereo vision technology based on the principle of digital speckle, only one pattern can be projected to complete the perception of complex shapes. It is suitable for scenes such as de-stacking, sorting of turnover boxes, and large plank grabbing.

Product advantages

画板25@2x-80.jpg Large field of view
High-performance long-distance high-brightness projection light path

Core parameter

Product model SX1400
Factory calibration distance (mm) 2200
Near FOV (mm)
(L×W@ working distance)
Far FOV (mm)
((L×W@ working distance)
XY resolution (mm)
Z-direction accuracy (mm) 0.94
Scanning time (s) 1.3
Dimension (mm) 430×190×80
Weight (kg) 4
Nominal voltage DC24V
Nominal power (W) 30

Power cable Special power cord RB type, DC24V power module (ndr-240-24)
Calibration board GP400
Data cable Special data cable (m12-cd8, m12-cd15, m12-cd20)
Protection board DG1400
Anti ambient light Adapt to ambient light intensity within 4500lux
protect IP65, optional camera cover, anti arc splash or anti ash, non scrubbing lens
Vibration Meet the requirements of IEC 60068-2-6
to attack Meet the requirements of IEC 60068 - 2-27
working temperature -10~50℃ (optional thermal insulation protective clothing can work at higher temperature)
remarks Structured light 3D cameras support multiple exposure, reflection suppression and CUDA acceleration (GPU optional)
The measurement standard of Z-direction accuracy is VDI / VDE 2634
The factory default double target setting accuracy is 0.08pixel

Workpiece physical object and point cloud data comparison chart

  • Soft package point cloud renderings

  • Carton point cloud renderings

  • Aluminum ingot point cloud renderings

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