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Structured light 3D camera

The structured light camera independently developed by Entropy Technology is divided into laser structured light and LED structured light. Among them, the laser structured light 3D camera has the characteristics of large field of view, high precision, and strong adaptability to changes in ambient light. It is mainly used for large field of view 3D vision guided robots, disorderly grasping of irregular and irregular parts, and cutting grooves to highlight point cloud details And sharp edges; LED structured light industrial 3D camera, small size, light weight, format can be customized, easy to install at the end of the robot arm, mainly used for the disorderly grabbing and sorting of more regular parts.

Product advantages

Master the core underlying technology of high-performance 3D cameras, covers from 400mm-4000mm Field of view, used in industry, logistics and other fields. With mainstream communication protocol, no need for secondary development, seamless docking with mainstream robots at home and abroad.


Master the core underlying technology of high-performance 3D cameras


Effectively prevent the interference of strong ambient light transmitted by skylights/side windows


The field of view can be flexibly customized


Adapt to black and strong reflective parts

Core parameter

Product model SX400 SX600 SX800 SX1000 SX2000

Factory calibration distance (mm) 500 1200 2300 2900 3300
Near FOV (mm)
(L×W@ working distance)
420×330@400 680×440@1000 1650×900@1900 2030×1150@2500 2110×1380@3200
far FOV (mm)
((L×W@ working distance)
630×505@600 830×610@1400 2250×1250@2700 2680×1520@3300 2270×1470@3400
XY resolution (mm)
0.33-0.50 0.38-0.45 0.9-1.18
1.12-1.47 1.13-1.20
Z-direction accuracy (mm) 0.03 0.059 0.2
0.32 0.27
Imaging speed (s) 1.2 1.6 1.6 1.6 1.9
Dimension (mm) 160×150×91 430×190×80 650×190×80 650×190×80
Weight (kg) 1.8 4 5 5 8.2
Nominal voltage DC24V DC24V DC24V DC24V AC220V
Nominal power (W) 20 30 30 30 110

Power cable Special power cord RB type, DC24V power module (ndr-240-24) Special power cord HK type
Calibration board GP290 GP290 GP400 GP400 GP520
Data cable Special data cable (m12-cd8, m12-cd15, m12-cd20)
Protection board DG400 DG600 DG800 DG1000 DG2000
Anti ambient light Adapt to ambient light intensity within 4500lux
protect IP65, optional camera cover, anti arc splash or anti ash, non scrubbing lens
Vibration Meet the requirements of IEC 60068-2-6
to attack Meet the requirements of IEC 60068 - 2-27
working temperature -10~50℃ (optional thermal insulation protective clothing can work at higher temperature)
remarks Structured light 3D cameras support multiple exposure, reflection suppression and CUDA acceleration (GPU optional)
The measurement standard of Z-direction accuracy is VDI / VDE 2634
The factory default double target setting accuracy is 0.08pixel

Point cloud renderings

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