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Semiconductor measurement

With the continuous rise of technology, the packaging and testing industry, the downstream of the semiconductor supply chain, has broken through the traditional packaging technology in recent years, achieving flip-chip (FlipChip), bumping (Bumping), wafer level packaging (Waferlevelpackage), 2.5D packaging (interposer) , RDL, etc.), 3D packaging and other advanced packaging technologies. Typical 3D packaging structures include stacked chips with through-silicon vias (TSV), micro-bump interconnect stacked chips, etc. The traditional 2.5DAOI inspection equipment has been unable to meet the inspection requirements of advanced packaging processes.

Difficulties in the industry

As for the measurement requirements of advanced packaging 3D, the traditional laser triangulation technique used in AOI equipment cannot meet the measurement requirements of some products.


The 2D+3DAOI inspection equipment independently developed by Entropy Technology adopts a self-developed 3D line spectrum confocal sensor to solve part of the inspection of advanced semiconductor packaging technology need.

Industry advantage

  1. It can scan the 3D shape of the object in the whole field, and realize the detection and measurement of 3D contour, flatness, roughness, height difference, seam width, etc.;< br />

  2. Facing the neck-chipping technology, the software and hardware are purely independently developed and have obtained multiple patents.

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