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Drug screening

Life science is a discipline that studies the nature, characteristics, occurrence, and development of life phenomena and life activities. The abundance of material needs has stimulated people’s pursuit of the health industry, which requires our scientific researchers to screen out effective drug targets through scientific and technical means, and provide reliable and accurate guidance and effective treatment for human diseases plan.

Difficulties in the industry

  • Although accidentally discovered drugs play a role in drug research, the process is uncontrollable;

  • There is no scientific analysis method for the effects of drugs on cells or tissues ;


  • SEIZET confocal ultra-high resolution microscope can observe the dynamic process of drugs entering cells with high resolution, low phototoxicity, and long-term observation;

  • Can locate and quantify the target of drug action Analysis and quantitative measurement;

The technical advantages of our products in the 3D visual disordered grasping system

  • High-resolution acquisition and research of three imaging modes: confocal, super-resolution and wide-field imaging;

  • The analysis function is rich and diverse, and the operation is convenient;

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