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Clinical medicine

The process of linical medicine often need to evaluates the patient's etiology, pathogenesis and pathological process from the overall perspective of the patient's clinical manifestations, and then determines the diagnosis, and minimizes and cures the disease through prevention and treatment. However, if a comprehensive and quantitative analysis of the patient's pathological specimens can be performed, it will undoubtedly play a guiding role in finding the cause of the disease, pathological analysis, estimation of the extent of the disease and preoperative consultation.

Difficulties in the industry

  1. Pathological analysis of pathological specimens;

  2. Quantitative estimation of the degree of pathology of pathological specimens;


The SEIZET confocal microscope system has a wealth of analysis functions for cells and tissues. It can easily identify specific cells and tissues, help users quickly locate lesions and assist in case analysis. In addition, the functions of single cell quantitative analysis and cell subpopulation circle selection analysis provided by the SEIZET confocal microscopy system can easily provide estimated parameters about the degree of disease, so as to achieve the purpose of quantitative estimation of the degree of disease.

Application advantage

The analysis function is rich and diverse, and the quantitative analysis parameters are comprehensive and traceable.

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