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Basic biology

Basic biology is the basis of various disciplines related to life science. Basic biology requires us to have a more complete understanding of life and the content of life science research from different levels, understand the relationship between life processes and biological groups from the perspective of development, dynamics, connection and evolution, and understand the chemistry, cell, metabolism, genetics, development, evolution, ecology The concepts and theories of health and disease and biotechnology have scientific understanding and understanding.

Difficulties in the industry

  • The existing scientific research methods are based on biological experiments in vitro, but life is a complex biological process, and the research results in vitro can not truly reflect the life activities in vivo.

  • The analysis of life phenomena lacks scientific research means.


  • Seizet confocal super-resolution microscope can build a three-dimensional model in vitro, simulate the real environment in vivo to the greatest extent, and provide favorable environmental conditions for biological research.
  • Seizet confocal super-resolution microscope has rich data analysis functions and makes scientific explanations for the molecular mechanisms of different life phenomena.

Industry advantage

  • High resolution acquisition and research of samples in confocal, super-resolution and wide field imaging modes.

  • Rich data analysis function to comprehensively analyze samples from multiple dimensions.

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