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Microscopic imaging post-processing algorithms and software

High-resolution images at all levels can be obtained, real-time observation, three-dimensional imaging, complete visible spectrum support, and ultra-high-resolution imaging in all dimensions. At present, it has been used in the research of cell morphology, three-dimensional structure reorganization, dynamic change process, etc., and provides practical research methods such as quantitative fluorescence measurement, quantitative image analysis, etc., combined with other related biotechnologies, in morphology, physiology, immunology, genetics It has been widely used in the field of molecular cell biology.

Product advantages

  • Dual optical path system, can achieve super-resolution imaging and confocal imaging at the same time;

  • Includes a large number of image post-processing and image analysis functions, which can perform stitching, deconvolution, noise reduction, and 3D reconstruction on the collected images;

Core parameter

1. XY axis resolution is 120 nm, Z axis resolution is 300 nm, multi-color super-resolution imaging is possible;

2. Laser 1.1 *4 color band, solid state laser or argon ion gas laser (power ≥65mW), with 488nm; 514nm; 552nm; 638nm wavelength;

3. Fully motorized inverted fluorescence microscope with bright field, differential interference and fluorescence observation methods, equipped with Z-axis hardware auto-focus module;

4. Confocal special universal plan super apochromat series objective lens, 10×plan apochromat objective lens, NA≥0.4; 20×plan apochromat objective lens, NA≥0.75; 40×plan apochromatic objective lens, NA≥1.10; water lens 63×plan apochromatic objective lens, NA≥1.4

Related applications

  • Fixed cells and tissue sections can be observed;
  • The structure, molecules, and ions of living cells can be dynamically observed and detected in real time;

  • Real-time observation, three-dimensional imaging, and large field of view imaging can be achieved through stitching;

The main function

  • Fluorescence image acquisition

  • Image enhancement and processing

  • Three-dimensional fluorescence image acquisition

  • Deconvolution and processing

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