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seizet 3D picking software

Seizet 3D Picking is a disorderly sorting software based on graphical programming launched by Entropy Technology. It integrates 3D cameras, 3D vision, deep learning and grasping planning technologies, and is committed to creating standardized, modular and graphical standard software. Achieve rapid deployment of disorderly sorting systems.

Product advantages

  • The first in China, it can grasp the complete frame and disorderly work

  1. Unique design, high adaptability, automatic detection of the collision avoidance relationship between the hand grip and the material frame and workpiece, and avoid collision in advance

  2. Multiple templates, multiple grasping points, unique inclination design, multiple grasping postures, widely adapted to complex workpieces, and grasping scope expanded by 42%

  3. Force control to sense the overlap/jamming of workpieces, and automatically re-grab, reduce unexpected downtime, and ensure that the last few workpieces are grasped

  • Intuitive interface, easy to use, and powerful

  1. Programming-free deployment, drag-and-drop operation, reducing personnel requirements and saving programming time

  2. Fully automatic, compensation-free, rapid establishment of the coordinate system, no manual intervention, no need to re-calibrate the replacement of the hand grip or the material frame

  3. Built-in a variety of logic chains and operator modules, quickly deploy, add, and switch products, and complete product switching in half an hour

  • Support external third-party extensions, such as deep learning modules, etc.

  • Adapt to mainstream domestic and foreign robotic arms

  • Can be interconnected with MES/FMS system information to build a digital car

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