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Disorder sorting solution/workstation

Disordered sorting solution/workstation integrates 3D vision, deep learning, grasping planning and other technologies, replacing traditional tooling and fixtures, solving flexible chemical assembly problems, and helping robots to efficiently and accurately complete intelligent grasping of scattered and stacked workpieces. Intelligent sorting of different types of workpieces in trays/frames improves the flexibility and efficiency of automated production lines, and is flexibly applied to multiple industrial loading and unloading scenarios, which can minimize downtime and integration costs.

Product advantages

Forging deep material frame-2 solution.jpg

  • Strong system adaptability
    Based on powerful algorithms and high-precision industrial 3D cameras, it can cope with the complex working conditions of deep frame;

  • Good overall stability
    Deployed and delivered in dozens of customer scenarios, thousands of hours of continuous production operation;

  • Simple and efficient deployment
    Compatible with various mainstream robot brands, plug-and-play solutions, fully visualized, no programming required, and can be used by ordinary technicians;

  • High performance-price ratio
    The software and hardware are all independently developed, the cost can be effectively controlled, and the overall cost performance is high.

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